***Note: Please make sure to include a cover letter that shows off your writing skills!

We are looking for an Associate Writer who is passionate about child development, and is looking for a place to grow and thrive as a writer and a learner. In this role you will be responsible for ideating, writing, and revising content geared towards parents and caretakers of young children. You will be also responsible for concurrently conducting meticulous, science-based research and fact-checking to ensure we meet our robust commitment to evidence-based developmental information and advice.

You empathize with what new parents want and need, and you understand their universe. You are a creative storyteller who gets how to connect with audiences through your writing. You are also extremely organized, results-driven, analytical, and hungry to have a direct impact on our growth. You can handle multiple different writing formats, from long features to short, concise copy and everything in between—if there is a type of writing you're unfamiliar with, you're excited to learn it. You enjoy the editing process and consider first drafts to be the beginning of great writing rather than the end. You are excited to contribute your knowledge, and are always eager to find out more, to dig deeper, and to be a constant learner.


    • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock options package


    • Write content using Lovevery’s brand voice and tone, and curate and edit content related to Lovevery’s mission for our blog and social channels. Write posts for our blog, Instagram account, Pinterest, and other platforms and channels as needed.
    • Contribute to other writing projects including our play guides, marketing copy, children's books, press releases, and more.
    • Organize writing schedules to complete drafts of content or finished projects within deadlines.
    • Be an active participant in creative brainstorms for content.
    • Report regularly to our Head Writer, and work closely with our Senior Editor and CEO to ensure editorial precision and brand alignment.
    • Collaborate across different teams and departments to fulfill a wide range of writing needs.
    • Use SEO strategies and recommendations in your writing to maximize visibility in search results.

    Qualifications and attributes:

    • You love writing and can handle tight deadlines. You enjoy proofreading, copy editing, line editing, revising, and generally working to make a piece of writing as meaningful as possible.
    • You think parenthood and early childhood are truly inspiring topics to work on, and you have deep empathy for parents. You love babies and little kids.
    • You get the Lovevery brand and can represent it authentically.
    • You've written a lot—whether it's been formally published, in print, on your own blog, or elsewhere.
    • You are able to adjust your writing for considerations including word count, tone, voice, and style.
    • You possess excellent communication and relationship management skills.
    • You are a hustler and a creative thinker who is resourceful and doesn’t need hand holding; you thrive in a fast-paced environment.
    • You have strong attention to detail and high organizational and project management skills. You’re able to work relatively independently.
    • You're a team player and can shift gears and be flexible.
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in English/writing/linguistics/child development or similar with a record of strong academic performance.