Lovevery is a fast-growing direct-to-consumer startup cofounded by successful serial entrepreneurs and based in Boise, Idaho. Our customers are parents, and our mission is to help them feel confident in giving their children meaningful development experiences in the critical early years of life. To deliver an exceptional experience for our customers, Lovevery needs to consistently produce premium quality products, with customer safety and satisfaction as top priorities.

Lovevery is looking for a Testing Coordinator to join the Product Innovation team. This person will help to build and maintain a robust product testing process within a fast-paced product development cycle. This candidate will report directly to the Sr. Director of Product Innovation with a focus on physical product testing but will also support the Digital team’s testing needs as well.

The following attributes in a candidate are essential to success in this role:

  • Incredible Attention to Detail—You have strong organizational skills and a keen attention to detail. You have perfectionist tendencies and catch the mistakes that others miss.
  • Design Thinking and Empathy—You are an observer. You listen deeply to what people say—and also notice what they do but don't say.
  • Humble Hustle—You are a go-getter who makes things happen. You’re aware you don’t know everything, are willing to learn new things and have an idea/methodology to go about getting things done.
  • Collaboration and Communication—You’ll be working in a cross-functional team where strong communication and collaboration will be key to the team’s success. You are skilled at structured and complete communication, and you are comfortable articulating what needs to be done when things are ambiguous.
  • Project Management—You are organized, reliable, and skilled at documenting and structuring information so that it’s easily accessible later. You’re also flexible and can adapt to changing priorities.


  • Competitive salary, benefits, and stock options package

Job Description:

  • Be the main point of contact for all Lovevery Product Testers, build strong relationships with test families through clear and informative communication about the test products and process
  • Build an internal test program to support increasing needs for ongoing Play Studies
    • Testers include customers, non customers, experts and consultants
    • Set up, track and manage confidentiality agreements with product testers.
    • Maintain and improve a database of product testers, organized by key characteristics.
    • Help track and manage the logistics of product testing, including delivery, feedback and next steps
  • Support product testing interviews
    • Schedule interviews with testers and key Lovevery stakeholders
    • Organize and set up customer prototype tests at critical stages of product development, including scheduling, communications, and courier deliveries
    • Work with designers to coordinate prototype development and refinements throughout the testing process.
    • Review customer feedback to support product improvements and customer needs
    • Assist with major prototyping efforts during robust play studies
  • Work cross-functionally to diligently prioritize deliverables of product development in a fast-paced environment with multiple stakeholders
  • Remain up to on trends in the parent and baby space, and proactively bring those learnings and ideas to your day-to-day work
  • Use feedback from customers to gain insight into the market. Apply learnings to improve both future and current products
  • Organize and manage product inventory, including prototypes and final products
  • Support cross-functional processes that include Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing to take products from concept to reality
  • Assist with survey creation and management

Qualifications and attributes:

  • 1-2 years of experience, project management experience preferred
  • Attention to detail is essential
  • Ability to manage multiple ongoing tasks
  • Strong time management skills and the ability to adhere to deadlines
  • Ability to work and remain adaptable in a fluid, fast-paced environment
  • Natural team player
  • Creative and resourceful
  • Empathy and intuition for parents, caregivers, and young children; preference for candidates with design and/or research experience
  • Outstanding academic track record; preference for candidates who attended rigorous academic programs